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How much do you know about electric forklifts?

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Electric forklift refers to the forklift operated by electricity. Due to its simple and flexible operation and much lighter operation intensity of its operators than that of internal combustion forklift, electric forklift is now widely used by many enterprises.
1. Keep the proper starting speed when starting, and it should not be excessive.
2. Pay attention to the voltage of the voltmeter. If the voltage is lower than the limit voltage, the forklift should stop immediately.
3. It is not allowed to change the driving direction of electric forklift truck by pulling the direction switch in the process of running, so as to avoid burning out electrical components and damaging gears.
4. Pay attention to the drive system and whether the sound of the steering system is normal or not. If any abnormal sound is found, troubleshooting should be done in time.
5. When operating on poor roads, its importance shall be appropriately reduced and the driving speed shall be reduced.
6. Adjust the spacing between the forks according to the size of the goods, so that the goods are evenly distributed between the two forks to avoid partial load.
7. When the goods are inserted into the cargo pile, the gantry shall lean forward. After the goods are loaded into the fork, the gantry shall lean backward to make the goods close to the fork wall and lower the goods as much as possible before driving.
8. When carrying goods on steep slopes, pay attention to the firmness of the goods on the fork.
The rapid development of electronic control technology makes the operation of electric forklifts more and more comfortable and applicable. From these aspects, the market demand of electric forklifts will grow faster and faster, and the market share of electric forklifts will be larger and larger.

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