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Notes for use of electric forklift battery

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1. During the charging and discharging process of the battery of electric forklift, the water in the electrolyte will gradually decrease due to electrolysis and evaporation, resulting in the drop of electrolyte level. If not timely replenishment, will accelerate the battery plate comb speed and shorten the battery life, so regular inspection and timely replenishment of distilled water (hospital or chemical shop can buy distilled water).
Warm hint: avoid by all means with drinking pure water instead, because pure water contains a variety of trace elements and ions, will aggravate the internal self-discharge battery, battery strict self-discharge will shorten the battery life.
2, when adding electrolyte or water to electric forklift battery, pay attention to the liquid level is 10 to 15 mm higher than the plate; For a battery with two red lines, the electrolyte shall not exceed the upper red line. If there is no red line, please observe that the electrolyte should not exceed the filter screen of adding liquid. If the electrolyte is too full, it will overflow from the small hole of the battery cover. Once the flow to the battery between the positive and negative poles, will form a self-discharge circuit. In this case, the electrolyte should be wiped off, or rinse off with boiling water.
3. If something accidentally falls into the battery of the electric forklift when adding liquid, do not use metal to retrieve it, and use wooden stick to clip out impurities; Such as iron wire or copper wire to catch, metal molecules in the corrosion of sulfuric acid into the battery to form self-discharge and affect the battery life.
4. If the battery is stopped for more than 15 days, the negative (--) electrode wire (i.e., the lap wire) of the battery should be removed to avoid battery leakage.
5. When the battery is disassembled, please remove the "lap iron pole", i.e. the negative (--) pole. When installing, please install the positive pole first, and then install the "lap iron pole" to avoid short circuit contact.
6, the battery contains lead and sulfuric acid is a strong pollution, storage carefully, avoid impact, storage Angle should not be greater than 45 degrees, more can not be inverted, to avoid electrolyte leakage from the hole.
7, to ensure that electric forklift battery cover above the clean, if there is water or stolen goods on the wet cloth wipe, try to use dry.
8, often check the battery pole pile, (soft connection battery) screw do not have loose, each pole pile should have a protective sleeve.
9, every day to check the electrolyte level, the level should be higher than the battery plate about 3 cm.
10, when charging automatic charger, to the battery is very good, when charging, should pay attention to the temperature of the battery, when the temperature exceeds 55 degrees Celsius should stop charging, such as the temperature drop before flushing, or use a fan to cool down.
11, usually do not have any metal substances fall into the battery, the battery will occur in the chemical reaction is fatal to the battery.
12, when the vehicle stop using more than 30 days should be a monthly supplement of electricity, a monthly balance of the battery charge, is overcharge, now the charging machine generally have this button, usually with a forklift do not use up the battery before charging, should try to keep the electricity is not low 30% when the supplement.
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