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Emergency tips for forklift maintenance

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It is inevitable that there will be some faults when driving forklift out of town, so we need to take some emergency maintenance methods for forklift.
1. Fuel tank damage of forklift truck. Motor vehicles in use, found that the oil tank leak, can wipe the leak clean, with soap or bubble gum on the leak, temporarily plug; Repair with epoxy resin adhesive, better effect.
2. The oil pipe of the forklift truck is broken. Tubing rupture can be wiped clean, coated with soap, with a cloth or tape wound in the tubing rupture, and wire binding, and then coated with a layer of soap.
3. The oil pipe of the forklift truck is broken. When the forklift maintenance oil pipe is broken, you can find a rubber or plastic pipe sleeve fitting the oil pipe diameter. If the sleeve is not tight enough, the two ends of the wire binding, to prevent oil leakage.
4, forklift cylinder head and other parts of the sand hole and oil leakage, water leakage. Can according to sand hole size, choose the electrician of corresponding specification to use fuse, hit its gently with hand hammer inside sand hole, can eliminate oil leak, leak.
5. Oil leakage from the oil pipe joint. When motor vehicles use, such as the engine oil pipe joint oil leakage, most of the oil pipe bell mouth and oil pipe nut is not sealed. Cotton yarn can be wound on the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the tubing nut and tubing joint. Can also be chewing bubble gum or maltose paste, coated in the tubing nut socket, until dry after the sealing effect. Also can cut artificial leather or leather belt into shape or into the hole in the break into shape, can be installed, can also use a section of plastic pipe cut open molding on.
6. The precipitation cup is broken. Use a rubber or plastic tube to cover the precipitation cup in and out of the tubing, so that the oil does not go through the precipitation cup through.
7. The inlet and outlet hoses are broken. Break is not big, the cloth that can besmeared has a layer of soap to wrap up leaky place; If the rupture is large, can cut off the hose rupture, in the middle set on a bamboo or iron pipe, and wire binding.
8. The fan belt is broken. Forklift maintenance may tie the broken belt in series with wire or use the method of on and off to drive the car.
9, screw hole slide buckle. Screw hole sliders cause oil leaks or loose connecting rods, making them unusable. At this time can be the original screw hammer flat, make its both sides expand and increase (notice above a few buckle do not hammer, in order to make into the hole) again tight good, but not disassemble for many times, to wait for the next maintenance repair.
10. Rupture or fracture of the diaphragm or the diaphragm of the oil pump. Detachable oil pump, take out the diaphragm, saw and file it with glue board, electrical insulation bakelwood or plastic cloth according to the prototype size, and then polish and install it; Or connect the tubing directly to the fuel pump.
Emergency forklift maintenance is an emergency skill, but daily maintenance is important for forklift. Forklift truck drivers should drive and maintain the forklift according to the regulations in daily use, so as to maintain the durability and life of the forklift truck.
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