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Yantai forklift explosion-proof notice

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Yantai forklift truck is one of the common trucks in the transportation industry. It plays a very important role in large gravity transportation. If the operation is improper or the maintenance is not timely, the explosion may occur. So how should yantai forklift be explosion-proof?
1, to prevent the diesel engine when the intake of flammable gas or steam caused by the inhalation of excessive speed out of control.
2, prevent the diesel engine normal combustion or accidental explosion when the flame through the intake system back combustion.
3, prevent diesel exhaust flame and spark to the atmosphere.
4. The exhaust temperature of the diesel engine must be below the specified temperature range.
5. When the forklift appears abnormal working conditions such as water temperature, exhaust temperature, oil meek surface temperature, etc., it can automatically shut down the diesel engine in time.
6. Eliminate the static electricity generated by the operation of the forklift and prevent the collision of the outside of the vehicle, the tail and the fork from causing fire.
7. The electrical parts used in forklifts or battery forklifts are flameproof -- all the parts that may ignite explosive mixtures are enclosed in a shell; Or increased safety -- additional measures shall be taken for electrical equipment that will not produce arc or spark under normal operating conditions; Or intrinsically safe - any spark or thermal effect generated by all circuits within the equipment under standard conditions shall not ignite the corresponding explosive gas environment or other basic forms of explosion protection.
The safety of yantai forklift truck is a serious problem, which should not be underestimated.

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