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Daily maintenance of yantai forklift truck

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(1) check the amount of oil in the engine crankcase and air filter, the amount of fuel in the fuel tank and the amount of cooling water in the radiator, and add as required if insufficient;
(2) check the height of the electrolyte level in the battery, add it as needed, and keep the air hole in the cover unimpeded, and the pole column is tightly and firmly connected with the wire connector;
(3) check the free travel and working reliability of hydraulic brake and hand brake, and add brake fluid and remove air in the system as needed;
(4) check tire pressure and remove debris embedded in tread lines;
(5) check the working oil volume in the oil tank of the hydraulic system of the vehicle, and whether there is leakage in the pipelines, joints and other places;
(6) check the water level of the fire extinguishing tank;
(7) check the working conditions of instruments, lights, horns, etc.;
(8) after the above inspection, start the engine, check the operation of the engine, and check whether the transmission system, brake system and hydraulic lifting system work normally.

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