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How often should the engine oil of the forklift be changed?

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Forklift engine oil can also be called the engine oil, its main functions are lubrication and wear reduction, cooling, cleaning, sealing and leakage prevention, shock absorption and buffer. Oil lubrication will affect the function of the engine, it can be said that the operation of the engine is essential, so how often should the oil of the forklift engine be changed? Let's discuss it together.
It is recommended to do the first engine oil change within 50 hours during the first running period of new forklifts. It is better to choose the best engine oil and use CD grade or above. If the working environment is relatively harsh, check the cleanliness of the oil regularly and set the time to change the oil. Generally, imported or domestic forklift truck engine manufacturers will require users to change the oil when driving for 300-720 hours. If the idle rate is high, it is better to change the oil every six months or check the oil regularly.
So how to check forklift engine oil needs to be replaced? The methods are as follows:
1, smell method, pull out the oil ruler close to the nose to smell, if there is a strong sour smell, oil has gone bad, should be replaced.
2, hand twist method, will take out the old oil with the thumb and index finger repeatedly grinding, good quality feel with lubrication, less abrasive crumbs, no friction. If feel impurity, stickiness is poor, send astringent even, should replace.
3, color method, take a clean white filter paper (good quality tissue paper), drop point old oil on the paper, after oil leakage, good quality oil powder, touch to dry and smooth, and yellow infiltration with clear. Dark dark brown, with impurities, should be replaced.
4. Light method: take out the oil ruler and hold it up to 45 degrees. Observe the oil droplets under the light, and you can clearly see that there is no abrasive dust in the oil droplets, which is good. If the dust is too much, it should be replaced.

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