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The method of repairing the wheel and tire of yantai forklift truck

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Yantai forklift truck repair
1. If the bearing hole of the mounting bolt is worn, the roundness error is greater than 1.5mm or the bearing surface of the tire bolt is unbalanced, it can be surfacing repaired.
2. Cracks between bolt holes or large holes can be repaired by welding.
3. If the joint between spokes and rims is out of welding or rivet is loose, it shall be rewelded or riveted.
4, if there are cracks on the rim, welding repair.
Two. Wheel hub repair
1. Chrome plating shall be repaired when the hole wear of inner and outer bearing seat is greater than 0.05mm.
2, the oil seal hole is not uniform wear or has more than 0.15mm dent, can be repaired by welding.
3. The circumferential surface in contact with the brake hub shall be flat. When the circular movement of the hub center line is greater than 0.1mm, it shall be turned and repaired.
4. When the brake hub of the wheel hub cracks, the groove can be welded and leveled.
5. When the internal thread of the fixed half-shaft bolt hole is damaged, it can be redrilled and tapped after surfacing welding.
6. When the runout of the end face circle in contact with the semi-axon edge is no more than 0.1mm, it shall be modified.
Damage and repair of tyre of yantai forklift truck
Yantai forklift tires have pneumatic tires and solid tires. Tire inflation pressure must be in accordance with the original factory standards, not too high or too low. High tire elasticity will be reduced, the line is easy to break. Too low pressure will cause severe deformation of the tire, increase the temperature, resulting in degumming or fracture, may also make the outer tire on the rim to move wear ring, serious tire valve nozzle will be torn.
1. If the external tire is damaged by cracks, holes, blisters and delamination, it shall be repaired or renovated according to the specific situation.
If there are continuous cracks around the tire body, the tread compound has been polished and has a large hole, the tire body line layer has a ring crack and the whole ring separation, it should be replaced.
2. Hot patch or cold patch can be applied when the inner tube has holes.

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